Dry Verge Systems

Eventually, every piece of mortar in every roof will need replacing. If you have a gable roof and live in an older house, the chances are that you have ‘wet verge’ roofing. The ‘verge’ refers to the outer ends of your roof above the gable end (the wall above which two verges meet). Traditionally, these areas at the edge of your roof are fixed with mortar in order to prevent water ingress and pests such as birds nesting in your roof. Roofs rendered with mortar for these purposes are what we refer to as ‘wet verges’.


Mortar naturally deteriorates over time due to weathering and the natural movement within a building structure, which can dislodge the mortar leading to cracks which can lead to the problems it is meant to prevent. It can also leave your roof looking quite unsightly.

Mortar requires regular maintenance such as repointing. Unfortunately, this often requires scaffolding to be erected which can be costly. There is no way to stop the deterioration of mortar, which means the only guarantee you get from it is maintenance costs further down the line.

Dry Fixing

is an increasingly popular roofing option which allows for the weather and pest-proofing of your roof without the need for mortar.

Dry Verge

roofing makes use of interlocking caps that fit over the edge of your roof tiles, and offers an effective and, more importantly, durable alternative to wet verges.

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