Why choose JAR Roofing Ltd for flat roofing?


What is Sarnafil single ply and how is it installed?

Roof Assured by Sarnafil offers home-owners an unrivalled roofing system from Sika a global company within the building products market sector and the world’s largest manufacturer of single ply membranes. Whatever your flat roofing need, you can be confident that we will provide you with a solution that adds real value to your home. Roof Assured by Sarnafil comes with a 15 year guarantee for complete peace of mind, and our roofs are expected to last in excess of 40 years*.

Your projects will be managed by our Trained Registered Installers, who have great insight and experience in fitting the Sarnafil roofing system. Sarnafil has been used on many high-profile commercial projects around the country, including Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium, Arndale Centre, Bluewater Retail centre, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Bristol airport passenger terminals, and the exciting award winning St Pancras Railway Station.

The Sarnafil roof that has been installed on these fantastic commercial buildings, would be the exact same system used on your project, so it’s no wonder that using Roof Assured by Sarnafil can in fact add value to your home!

The types of flat roofing we offer include:

  • Sarnafil Single Ply Membrane (Roof Assured Registered Installer)
  • Lead
  • Asphalt (Repairs)
  • High Performance Torch-on Felt
  • Flat Roof Repairs

JAR Roofing Ltd are Sikas approved registered installers!

Our installation process:

Identify the Problem

As approved Installers JAR Roofing Ltd will survey your roof or view proposed plans to identify any potential issues that there may be at no cost to you. Many roofs fail because of aged materials or poor design issues which result in problems such as ponding water or overflowing drainage outlets.


Only by undertaking an investigation of the roof build up and condition, can problems be identified and recommendations be made for remedial action.


Correct preparation is critical in the development of a long-term roofing solution that solves your problems. This may mean stripping and re-installing the deck, or simply ensuring that the existing deck is clean, and suitable for the Sarnafil system to be applied to.


Installed without naked flames, hot bitumen, multiple layers, or resins. The Sarnafil membrane is simply secured to the roof using the most appropriate method determined by the JAR Registered Installer.

Permanent Joints

Sarnafil roofing membrane is permanently fused together by hot air welding at joints and on details. This ensures a durable and watertight finish that seals any protrusions through the membrane such as mechanical fixings.

Decorative Trims and Profiles

Sarnafil offers steel edge trims. These provide strong weather resistant roof edges. Sarnafil also offers decorative profiles that simulate a lead “batten roll” or a copper “standing seam” effect to maintain the traditional look of the property

Every project is valued and approached in exactly the same way, no matter how big, or small your requirements may be. We understand how important your home is to you, how daunting it can be to invest in your property, how difficult it is to find a roofing system that you can trust, and how scarce reliable installers are.


With installers you can Trust Sika Sarnafil offer customers a ‘15year materials guarantee’ covering both the Sarnafil membrane and other Sarnafil ancillary products used in the installation of their systems. Jar Roofing as your installer can offer additional 10year Independent Insurance Backed Guarantee, which can provide you with deposit cover, and post completion insolvency cover for 10 years.

JAR Roofing Ltd can also provide alternative membrane products to suit all budgets – Contact us now for your No Obligation free quotation


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